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Change in rules for .SUCKS!

The registry for .sucks has decided not to offer the “blocking service” for .sucks domains anymore. They will also not be allowing any extensions/renewals on existing blocks. All registrants that have registered a “block” in .sucks will be offered the chance to re-register their .sucks domains again. If you...

Cost efficient domain name protection!

Three of the largest new top level domain registries has created a new domain name blocking tool. Many clients prefer to avoid defensive registrations but these services offer some economies of scales and are worth considering for key brands. The service is offered by three new gTLD providers; Donuts...

New statistics from Trademark Claringhouse!

As of August 4th there have been 37971 trademarks submitted to the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). 49,13% has been submitted for multiple years. 82,72% are registered by agent to TMCH. 94,20% of the trademarks has been verified. The databse now contains marks from 109 countries and covering 121 jurisdisctions. As...

50 examples on how to utilize the new TLDs

Great inspiration for marketing in the new digital namespace. Follow these pioneers and tell the world who you are and what you do using these new innovative communication channels. For consultation and registration assistance contact