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We are now welcoming the launch of three new extensions, tailored for the e-commerce market: .store, .shop and .shopping – guaranteed to add to your online presence.
The appeal for new domain names customized for the e-commerce market has been substantial as they are known for improving businesses marketing opportunities and enabling consumers to better find the products and the services they need. Having that said, the domain industry is now welcoming the launch of three new extensions which will assist businesses and organizations in reaching a larger audience and attaining their marketing goals, with ease.

By providing relevant naming options for almost every business or organization, these New top level domains offer organizations the opportunity to build a strong online identity, using a domain name that best describes their business, rather than using a conventional .com address.

No matter the size of the business, B2C or B2B and whether you sell products or services, online or offline – these e-commerce domains add meaning to your online address and can be seen as a powerful marketing tool.

Whether you feel that these domain names are a natural fit to your online marketing strategy or not – establishments are recommended to secure these extensions for defensive purposes in order to protect their trademark.

The pricing for early applications are set, by the registry, at a significant price. As always there is a trade-off to be made between protection afforded by the earliest and highest prices applications and the reducing costs of later applications.

.Store is already in general availability and has proven to be very popular. It performed well, both during the trademark pre-registration period as well as during the first serve open registration.

.Shop on the other hand has created the most buzz. So much so that five applicants fought for the rights to administer .shop and the auction ended at 41.5 million USD. It is clear that this launch has great magnitude to the e-commerce market and so the expectations are high.


Please see the launch plans below and place your orders at You are welcome to contact us to discuss a strategy tailored to your needs.



General availability since June 14, 2016



Sunrise: June 30, 2016 – August 29, 2016*

Early access period: September 1 – September 26, 2016

General availability: September 26 2016



Sunrise: July 19– September 17, 2016*

Early Access period: September 21 – September 28, 2016

General availability: September 28, 2016


*Trademark priority registration

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