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The local version of .gr launched today July 10

.ελ, the local version of .gr launched today July 10

Most countries have their own country code top level domain that is the popular and most used choice of local businesses and people. In countries with a native language based on other characters than Latin the local version is gaining popularity. Today Greece is launching their internationalized country code top level domain, .ελ, to complement the ASCII-based .gr.


A growing online population is not native English speakers and the move to IDN TLDs aims to make the internet more accessible to the full online community.


The Cyrillic version of the Russian country code top level domain has been rather successful and used frequently alongside .ru as a mirror site. This domain names are a perfect use for billboard advertising, as it is easier for a Russian native to notice and remember a Cyrillic domain name caught in a glimpse.


During the first three months of availability the .ελ will be registered with some restrictions:

.ελ Domain Names (or a homograph version) that are already assigned under .gr can only be registered by the registrant of the corresponding .gr domain name

.ελ Domain (or a homograph version) already assigned at a third level .gr Domain Names in which the second level is Non-variable and assuming there is no assigned second level .gr. .ελ Domain Name are to be assigned to the Registrant of the corresponding third level .gr Domain Name who first submits a Registration declaration

If there are homograph second level .gr of the domain name registered to different registrants the corresponding .ελ will not be assigned.


These restrictions are lifted on the 10th of October, and the .ελ will be available as first come first serve.

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