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Financial Industry Quick to Embrace New Top Level Domains!

Many banks all around the world are now in the process of changing their main website addresses from the usual .com to either their own embraced Top Level Domain (TLD) or the new .BANK top level domain.

With the introduction of the new TLD:s this creates new demands how consumers search online. The financial service sector was quick to see the opportunity and was one of the best represented industries to apply for their own brand names and if not the new unique .BANK top level domain when this was released in 2015.

Why are then business so interested in these new TLDS?

The answer is quite simply, these new top level domains offer more choices. For example the .BANK domain extension was created to become a more trusted and secure online destination for banks. In order to obtain such a domain the registrant has to prove that they are a verified member of the global banking community. If they want to use it there are several technical requirements to be fulfilled. All to add security for the registrants customers.

There are also several other extensions for the financial sector and some of the most interesting is:







These are so called “specialist top level domains”. These new extensions give financial companies, brokers and traders the opportunity to create the own domain and boost their brand. These extensions also create a strong “keyword” for bettering positioning in search engines.

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