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The long-awaited and eagerly anticipated .africa domain extension is expected to be launched in few days!

DotAFRICA is a new generic Top-Level Domain (Geo Culture gTLD) announced by ICANN, the Internet domain authority. The New gTLD Program`s goal is to enhance competition, innovation, and consumer choice. You can see it as your opportunity to get that perfect domain.
The unique .AFRICA extension creates a brand new space online for the entire African continent. With this extension, everyone benefits all organizations, companies and individuals.
The new .AFRICA namespace will open up new possibilities for those looking to promote African products online, share news and promote services, and appeal to the millions of Africans living on this proud continent.

.African continent is rapidly growing, which means the Internet is expanding its reach to countries that previously lacked access to the digital world. The .AFRICA domain aims to bridge the digital divide between Africa and other regions around the world. For the first time ever, the continent under the limelight online with the .AFRICA extension.

The introduction of .AFRICA domain extension is divided into three phases: Pre-registration, Sunrise and Landrush. After Landrush period, the .AFRICA domain will become public and registrations will be available to everyone (General availability).

Pre-registration (active for non-trademark holders until General availability)
A free and non-binding way to get a head start securing the new domain name. Indication of an interest in a given domain and eventually registering name(s) in .AFRICA when registration becomes available.

Sunrise (approx duration 30-60 days)
Time at the launch of the .AFRICA domain before public domain registration for the .AFRICA begins, allowing brand/trademark owners to register, or block domain names that match their registered trademarks, before the .AFRICA space opens up to the general public.

Landrush (approx duration 30 days)
The initial launch phase for broad general distribution when anyone (usually companies) can submit a request for a domain name under the .AFRICA. Landrush registrations are typically NOT “first-come, first-served”. Duplicate requests are auctioned between the parties desiring an identical name. The

Landrush phase, falling between the Sunrise and General availability phases, will allow applicants the ability to secure registration of premium domain names, such as generic names, before general availability at an increased price.

General availability (perpetual after Landrush)
Finally, domain names under the .AFRICA will be available to the general public and anybody can register .africa, at normal retail prices on a first-come, first-served basis. Applicants may attempt to register previously pre-registered domains within .AFRICA. When a domain is registered, it is officially reserved and registered in real time.

If you wish to secure your rights to a specific domain name, please choose our TMCH service which offers trademark owners a simple yet efficient way to monitor and protect your brands. It is also the only way by which trademark owners can participate in designated Sunrise periods.
For non-trademark holders Pre-registration of .AFRICA will be available until General availability.



For further information, please contact, +46 31 720 20 00

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