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Registry lock now also available on .UK domain names

Registry lock is for anyone who is concerned about the financial and reputational damage that could occur if their website is hijacked.


The Registry Lock service offers extended protection to those domain names that may benefit from this. The service can be used to increase the security of domain names. It intends to minimize the risk of unwanted changes, cancellations or transfers. With Registry Lock service, the registrant can take advantage of the highest possible security for their most valuable and visible domain names.


When you apply registry Lock, your domain is locked down on registry level. This means that no changes can be made by anyone and it prevents the following:

  • Nameservers from being changed
  • The registrant name and/or address and contact details from being amended
  • The domain from being transferred to another registrar
  • For some TLD, the lock also prevents the domain from being deactivated/deleted when expiring


Recent years have seen increasing occurrences of high profile DNS hijacking: this occurs when an attacker gains unauthorized access to registration data for a domain name and modifies the data for their own purposes. This could result in traffic being diverted away from the intended destination to a malicious website, allowing the attacker to display offensive or objectionable content, or to steal a user’s credentials by setting up a phishing website. If this happens it can significantly disrupt an online business as well as causing damage to the reputation of not only the registrant but also the reputation of their registrar.


The service varies slightly depending on top level domain

Ports Group offers registry lock on .com, .net, .tv, .cc, .name, .biz, .eu, .se, .fr, .be, .id, .nl, .at, .fi och .uk

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